Posted on: September 22, 2010 8:54 pm

Week #2 versus the New England Patriots

A quick congrats to the NY Jets for handling the Pats in an upset victory.  I must admit I was surprised at how dreadful the Pats Offense looked the second half of that game against the Jets D absent Revis.  Sanchez settled down nicely and ran his offense well, particularly in the second half.

However, as we all know, this isn't a Jets lover's blog so I feel the need to point out a couple of positive things from the game.  Was it poetic justice that Revis strains his hamstring after getting beat by 'the slouch'?  Was it life striking back at Coach Slob and the Einsteins in the front office that game him that stupid contract?  Whatever the case, Fantasy Island is officially gimpy and now that he has his contract, it will most likely effect his performance for the rest of the year.  Maybe Brodney Pool can take his place?  12 picks in over 5 years in the league...I highly doubt it.  Maybe Cromartie will make up for the loss of Revis...if he can keep his head straight and out of trouble perhaps.

At least they have their offense to win games.  I'm sure Tomlinson won't break down like he has the past few years and Greene will improve on his 3.5 ypc with two fumbles over two games.  Maybe Braylon Edwards will step up...oh, nevermind.  I forgot, he's still hungover from when he was trashed and driving with two of the other brain strainers on the team.  This offense is so shallow that if any of these issues go unresolved, we'll be back to the days of 9-6 football games that are about as enjoyable as a toothache.

As for week #3, if the Jets play like they did this past week, they can come out of Miami with a W.  The crucial factor is whether or not babymaker Cromartie can handle Marshal and keep him under some sort of control.  As I think this team is full of degenerates and morons, I see a W-L-W-L type season as they don't have the mental capacity to put together winning streaks.  Maybe if Coach Slob brings some burgers and dogs to the game, this zoo can focus enough to pull out a win.  We'll see.
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Posted on: September 14, 2010 11:29 pm

Week #1 versus the Baltimore Ravens

What is there to say about this game that isn't blatently obvious?  Should we start with the anemic offense?  The abundance of penalties?  The sloppy ball handling by Greene?  Perhaps we should start before the game even began when Rex Ryan made the dillusional claim that he has no concerns about his team.  No concerns?  Really?  When the Pats went into the Super bowl three years ago against the Giants at 18-0 breaking every offensive record in the books along the way, the coach still had concerns about his team.  Either Rex Ryan is completely incompetent and is severly under qualified for a head coaching position or he just refuses to get out of his own way.

Overall the Defense played well with the exception of the ridiculous penalties and a few miscues that any team will have during the course of an NFL game.  The obvious weakness in this team is the lack of offense and the inability of Mark Sanchez to take the reigns and lead this team to victory.  10/21 for 74 yards is completely unacceptible for an NFL QB and this team will simply not succeed without better play from the QB position.  Greene also did an outstanding job of stealing the backup role from LT by dropping the rock like a hot potato.  Normally we cut some slack after a poor showing in a week 1 game but with the hype and trash talk we've had to endure over the past 6 months, this team and especially this coach deserves nothing but harsh criticism.

Shut your mouth excuses, no 'we've got work to do'...nothing!  Shut up, practice, become a team, win some games and then after that, stay shut up!  Great teams don't talk trash.  There is a real difference between a team having a swagger and a team that just talks smack without backing themselves up.  Typically, the biggest difference in the number in the win column.  Now 0-1 with the Pats coming to town next week, this team is already well behind the 8-ball.

We'll follow up next week when the Jets are 0-2 getting ready to pack up for a trip down to Miami.
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Posted on: September 9, 2010 7:12 pm

Heading into the season...

After a year ending in the NFC Championship game, with their heads held high for exceeding preseason expectations, the front office of the NY Jets decided that if they add just a few pieces they can become a legit Super Bowl contender.  With offseason acquisitions including LaDainian Tomlinson, Santonia Holmes and Antonio Cromartie, the Jets did much to solidify their position as the 'Hot Team' in the AFC.  Putting aside the disloyalty they paid to Leon Washington, the Faneca ordeal, the eventual cutting of Laveranues Coles and the debacle that was the Darrelle Revis holdout, the Jets are still a top team in the minds of some of lesser thinkers of the NFL World.  I say now much as I have in years past that the Jets....are still just the Jets.  Over the next 17 weeks, we'll be following the ups and downs of the sideshow that the New York Jets will become.  It is quite possible that this team, with its high anxiety coaching staff may prove the yay sayers right...but I simply doubt it.

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